Our Mission

Our mission is to personally deliver aid & development to international communities mostly in the form of carefully coordinated projects.

Our Promise

We provide an opportunity for friends & kind followers to directly contribute to the success of individual projects & more importantly make a difference to the lives we help.
With most of our projects we provide a “per child/person” project sponsorship amount so that your kind donations directly touch those that need it most.

Our Difference

Understandably people are sometimes apprehensive about making financial donations to some organisations even though they appear to be doing great things.
We pledge to all that 100% of your/our aid will be personally delivered to the target individuals with full transparency. We provide a complete breakdown on the estimated final cost to ensure complete transparency at all times.

Our Fundraising Tools

Our chosen partners to assist us with the tools to receive donations are MyCause and GoFundMe.
The administration cost of 2~7% as charged by these partners are covered by UnitedAidProjects (unless otherwise noted) to ensure your kind donations directly go to those intended.

Keeping you updated........

About United Aid Projects

We are a team of passionate international volunteers from Australia & around the world that love to help those in need.

We don't claim to be a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) but we work alongside reputable organisations such as Volunteer for the Visayans (VFV), to assist them with their organisation missions & goals. Without the valuable assistance of partnering NGO's, our projects would only provide short term assistance to those we touch. Our carefully selected NGO's have the infrastructure & resources to deliver continuous sustained development aid which provides a brighter future to many communities. Also we don't have stockpiles of funding for our projects like other international aid organisations but simply rely on the generosity of our kind supporters & followers. All financial amounts are for the direct delivery of the projects by either volunteers or at times non-profit NGO's. We will never include the personal/travel expenses of ourselves or any individuals that assist us delivering the aid. Every dollar, cent, peso, pound, etc received will directly assist the ones that need it most.


Let's meet them...

Les Treacy

“Mr Projects”
“We are all individual jigsaw pieces that become united to form a wonderful life changing bigger picture for so many that have very few choices in life”

Testimonials & quotes

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